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Journey to the Cross: A study guide for individuals, small groups and churches.

Join Embrace on a journey. A journey that travels with Jesus from the start of his mission to the cross, looking at the people he met on the way. A journey that visits the Middle East today, hearing stories from those who live there and the challenges they face. A journey that helps us look within our lives and outwards at people we encounter.

Contains six sessions with Bible studies, prayer ideas and practical actions under the themes of:

  • Celebrating family
  • Healing
  • Breaking down social barriers
  • Speaking out against injustice
  • Mental health
  • Forgiveness

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Living fruitfully - 2019 Lent Study Guide

Our 2019 Lent Study Guide uses the Fruits of the Spirit and other key New Testament passages as windows into exploring how a Christ-like character brings transformation.

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Making all things new - 2018 Lent Study Guide

Join Embrace this Lent to explore six beloved biblical passages that voice God’s passion for new beginnings – and enjoy six redemptive stories that show how we can join in with Jesus’ transforming work to bring fresh starts to people across the Middle East today.

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Moving to the margins

God's big story has always been about love-inspired movement towards those who are marginalised, to bring them hope and see their lives transformed. This was our Lent Study Guide for 2017.


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