Embrace stories

Walaa's story: Overcoming malnutrition in Gaza

'I was worried about Walaa’s health. I could tell her condition wasn't good. It wasn’t a surprise when the NECC staff at the clinic told me she has severe malnutrition and anaemia...'

Syria: Comfort for families who have lost everything

One of the young men told him: 'My mind is confused; my brain has stopped. I can no longer think ahead. How can I rebuild my life, when I now have no home and no money?'

Mikal's story: An amazing transformation

When Mikal first arrived at Shams El Birr, he was crying all the time and refused to join in with any of the classes. Although this was challenging, the team didn’t give up on him...

Kawthar's story: Making a difference to the whole family

Life for Kawthar was responsible for nine family members who all had to share a basic, three room home in Egypt. Life still holds challenges for her but thanks to the input and support of Habitat for Humanity, the future is now looking significantly brighter.

Hanan's story: Baking a living

'They asked me, "What is your dream business?" I told them I need to buy a stove to bake bread to sell, that this would help me earn a living and help my children through their education.'

Four homes of mercy; three stories of changed lives

For some parents, the greatest act of love is entrusting their child to those who can meet their child's needs better than they can. Three mums have had the blessing of seeing their children, who have disabilities, blossom.
Children at Dbayeh camp community centre

Emil's story: 'The library and its activities have really changed his life.'

The words 'refugee camp' makes people think of makeshift tents and transience, but Dbayeh camp near Beirut, lies on an uneasy line between uprootedness and permanence. But your gifts bring hope and happiness to children through the gift of a library....

Alissar's story: 'I'm capable of learning and helping my family!'

'I feel more capable of doing other things beyond household issues and I realised that I am capable of learning new things to help my family. Maybe I can have my own small business in the future. I have the motivation to change my life.'