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Lent Study Guide: Living fruitfully

Journey with Embrace this Lent using our six session study guide. Explore the fruits of the Spirit and other key New Testament passages on growing in Christ-likeness; reflect on Jesus’ own character; and be further inspired by our partners as they live fruitfully to bring transformation to those experiencing poverty or injustice in the Middle East today.

Each session includes:

  • Bible study questions and reflections
  • prayers
  • an Inspired by the Vine meditation, exploring different aspects of Jesus’ own character
  • stories about Embrace’s partners living fruitfully to bring fuller lives to those experiencing poverty and injustice in the Middle East today
  • simple, practical actions you can take to make a difference
  • elements that can be lifted out to use in a church service, or share via your magazine or email circular.

This Lent, be inspired to grow in fruitful living!

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Written by Liz Baddaley who wrote our 2016, 2017 and 2018 guides and Tidings of Comfort and Joy.

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