Embrace Public Engagement Team

Su McClellan in a classroom with smiling childrenSu McClellan - Senior Regional Manager

Su made her first visit to the Middle East in 1991 and has had a passion for the region ever since. Having spent time in all the countries where Embrace works she likes nothing more than to tell others about the amazing work that Embrace’s partners do, often in the most challenging of circumstances.

Su has an academic interest in development but her background in the Church Army makes her an effective speaker across differing age and interest groups. She is equally at home preaching on the lectionary readings for the day, taking school assemblies, showing slide-shows to small groups or giving extended talks that reflect the theological and political challenges facing the region. You’ll also find her representing Embrace at the Greenbelt Festival with the fabulous band of volunteers that work alongside her.

Being married to a parish priest Su understands the pressures that busy clergy live with and so she seeks to develop relationships with churches that will benefit them as much as Embrace. Having worked in Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal and Baptist churches she is comfortable in a wide variety of settings and is keen to emphasise the truly ecumenical nature of the charity.

In her spare time Su sings in a choir, plays the ukulele, runs and walks. Her favourite TV programme of all time is The West Wing and she’s partial to watching a good game of rugby.

Mark Calder - Regional Manager (Scotland and Northern England)

In 2019 Mark completed 14 ultramarathons to help Iraqi refugees return home – and you can still be part of this amazing life-changing challenge...Please visit runninghome2019.co.uk for more details.

Since my first month-long visit to Egypt as a 19-year old, the Middle East has been my personal and professional passion. Having travelled, studied and volunteered in the region including time in Yemen, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Lebanon, I had the opportunity to conduct 16 months of fieldwork in Bethlehem focusing on Syriac Orthodox Christians.

After completing my doctorate at the University of Aberdeen, I researched peace-building in Syria and the predicament of young people across the southern and eastern Mediterranean regions, working with Durham University.

I am fascinated by the cultural diversity of this part of the world and my enthusiasm for Embrace stems especially from the partnership approach which ensures our supporters are giving to those best placed to respond to specific local needs and situations. I am greatly motivated by the opportunity to support inspiring servant-leaders and organisations which practise commitment to their neighbours and homelands as part of their Christian witness.

Hailing originally from the West Midlands, Aberdeenshire is my current home, where I live with my wife Karen and two young daughters, Bethan and Alya. My other obsessions are marathon running and music: my first job was for a record company and my PhD was part-funded by working as a singing waiter, so I’m always happy to sing when I come to speak about Embrace the Middle East!