Create a tribute

At times of loss, many people find creating and contributing to a Memorial Tribute a helpful way to remember and celebrate that special person.

Memorial Tributes are free online spaces to share memories of your loved one with others.

It gives people the option of giving money in lieu of flowers at a funeral, or as direct donation to Embrace, and provides the opportunity for more personal memories. You can use it as a home for your stories, photos and videos and it can stay online for as short or as long a time as you wish.

Memorial Tributes are a meaningful way for friends and relatives to come together, wherever they are, to remember a loved one, along with the option to give donations in their memory.

We have teamed up with MuchLoved, an online tribute charity that helps you remember and commemorate your loved one in a special way.

We understand that setting up a Memorial Tribute is an intensely personal decision and of course the timing may not be right at the moment – please do come back whenever you feel ready.

Visit MuchLoved to find out more about Memorial Tributes  

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