Community development

‘Many times, we cannot meet all the needs of the people, but we can show compassion and we can love them. We seek to be like Jesus Christ – this is one of our core values.’ Amira Makram, Deputy Director, Refuge Egypt

Community development projects are practical and have a significant impact on a community. We support a wide variety of projects that help develop community: schools in refugee camps, housing and infrastructure projects, reconciliation programmes, micro-finance schemes, food security programmes and literacy projects.

Relieving the burden in Lebanon

Improving living conditions in a Lebanese houseNada, 23, and her mother, Georgette live in a two-room house in the Jdeideh Metn suburb of Beirut. After Georgette's husband, Panos, passed away 5 years ago, she was the only one left to take care of Nada. As Nada has mental health problems, she spends a lot of time at home, so the quality of her environment is very important.  

When our partners visited Georgette and Nada in their humble home, they were greeted with warmth and welcomed with joy. The visiting team replaced the toilet seat, changed the leaky kitchen and bathroom taps, installed an electric water heater, put in mosquito nets on three windows and installed kitchen cabinets. These small changes have made a big difference. 

Georgette said: 'You have lifted a big burden from my shoulders and I am grateful for your kind support.'

Learning to love literacy in Upper Egypt

Learning to read in the Think & Do project Life Schools in Egypt are making a difference in individual lives, which has an effect on whole families.

Nadia shared that she was sick and had to go to the doctor. As her family members were busy, she had to go by herself. Now she is able to read, she could identify the name of the doctor; she was happy as she felt clever and could read like others.

Maria is married with children. After attending an encouraging talk on running a small business, she decided to start one to improve the income of her family. She plans to buy a cow and to use the income it produces to send her daughter to school.

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