Mikal's story: An amazing transformation

When Mikal first arrived at Shams El Birr, he was crying all the time and refused to join in with any of the classes. Although this was challenging, the team didn’t give up on him:

'We know from experience that people like Mikal are often neglected and we believe everyone should be given the chance to realise their potential.

After many days with little progress, Mikal began to show interest in the weaving class. He slowly moved the loom from side to side and then began weaving! The teacher gave him a lot of attention, realising that deep down Mikal was eager for the opportunity to express his abilities.

'Keen to build on this success, we quickly took steps to get some hearing aids for Mikal which helped him with his communication.

'Over time, Mikal continued to improve and eventually received a rehabilitation certificate in weaving work. He has grown into a very different man to the one who arrived at the centre. He is ready to be independent and to get a job. Although he was offered employment in Cairo, Mikal wanted to return to his village to work with his family. He now helps to sell poultry and game and he is doing very well. He continues to communicate regularly with the centre and tells them that he is now both happy and satisfied.'

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