Kawthar's story: Making a difference to the whole family

Life for Kawthar was becoming increasingly difficult. She was responsible for nine family members who all had to share a basic, three room home in Egypt.

With just one toilet between them and no space to themselves, tensions in the family would often boil over.

Kawthar had also contracted Hepatitis C and the cost of her medical treatment had used up all their resources.

She knew that if her family were to survive, the environment the family lived in needed to change.

Kawthar applied for a home improvement loan from Habitat for Humanity and signed up to participate in a health programme which would alleviate some the costs associated with her treatment.

Kawthar and her family began attending the health education classes, and as a result learned the importance of proper ventilation. On the course, parents learn how to provide proper nutrition for their children, and the importance of keeping the house clean.

Life still holds challenges for this family but thanks to the input and support of Habitat for Humanity, the future is now looking significantly brighter.

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