Hanan's story: Baking a living

'My name is Hanan. I'm a widow and I live in Ras El Soda village near Alexandria. I have five children and a very small pension that is not enough to feed myself and my children. I thought that I had very good skills but I didn't have money to start a business that would use these skills. I am good at baking different things like bread, pizza and cookies.

'One day, I went to an Episcocare community centre to get a monthly food package and I asked the staff to help me make my dream to start my own business come true. 

'They asked me, "What is your dream business?" I told them I needed to buy a stove to bake bread and pizza to sell in a small shop. I told them that this would help me earn my living and help my children through their education. 

'They encouraged me and they helped me buy everything I needed. They also provided me with assistance in making part of my house into a small shop. Now I bake everything in the big oven and my neighbours buy their bread from me. I hope to expand my project in the future! Thank you for your help!'



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