Four homes of mercy; three stories of changed lives

For some parents, the greatest act of love is entrusting their child to those who can meet their child's needs better than they can. Receiving dedicated care at the Four Homes of Mercy (FHOM), three mothers have had the blessing of seeing their children, who have their own disabilities, blossom.

Huneida, 15, was growing up quickly but due to a range of disabilties was not able to care for herself. Her mother also had a range of health problems, including a badly damaged spine, which prevented her from caring appropriately for the daughter she adores. She brought Huneida to the FHOM she has blossomed, engaging happily in all activities, including learning to write.
Suleiman, 10, needed medical care and a safer environment. His father was abusive and his mother works outside the home, so she could not always protect her son. Nor could the family afford the treatment for Suleiman's muscular dystrophy which left him unable to walk. At the Homes, Suleiman receives medical care, loving attention, tutition and educational video games to stimulate his mind.
Amir, 19, spent his days at home curled up in bed, unable to talk, and ignored by his able bodied siblings who had been taught Amir was worth less than they were. His mother, who desperately loved all her children, heard of the accomplishments of FHOM with children and young adults like Amir. Barely daring to hope, she took him to the centre. Now, he responds with joyful smiles to people around him. No longer constrained to bed he has a new view of the world. His mother, who visits regularly, is thrilled.