Customer Services Week 2018: Meet Joanna


It is Customers Services week again and what a year it has been in the Supporter Care Team!

I’m Joanna and I am Embrace’s Supporter Care Manager.

Over this past year, you, our faithful supporters have been amazing in your generosity and your compassion for our Christian partners and for the people they are reaching. What a privilege it has been over the last year to help you and to share in your stories. We love to hear about the ways you have been getting involved, raising awareness of our partners needs and standing by them through your prayers and financial support.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU! And we want you to know how much you mean to us all at Embrace and to our partners in the Middle East.

I have been at Embrace for seven years now and with every year that passes I am always humbled by the thoughtfulness and generous nature of our supporters. Your words of encouragement shows just how important our partners and the people across the Middle East are to you all.

The situation in the Middle East is heartbreaking but it really is thanks to you that our partners feel strengthened and encouraged to continue in their important work.

I have the privilege of managing a team who are passionate about giving all of our supporters the best possible experience with Embrace and to help you feel connected to our work in the Middle East.

The Supporter Care team do a brilliant job every day, in a busy office, to ensure you have all that you need from us. So I want to take the opportunity this Customer Service Week to thank the team for their dedication in making sure every one of our supporters is taken care of. I do hope that you feel looked after!

However, we also couldn’t do it without a wider team of creative and passionate colleagues who work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure you are provided with the news of our partners work, their prayer needs as well as the time and support our partners receive from our Programmes and Partnerships team who help them to continue with their vision.

We always love to hear your news and your views, so why not share with us your experiences with Embrace and tell us how we are doing. We are always looking for ways to be better, any feedback we get – good or bad – will always be listened to. So do tell us what you think of your experience with us – use our contact form!

We would love to know how you came to know Embrace so please do get in touch with me and tell us a bit more about you.

And finally, as a team we wanted to thank each of you for your support. So here is a little video for you from us!


Joanna Taylor - Supporter Care Manager

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