Bethlehem Carol Sheets

They've all gone! Our 57th edition Bethlehem Carol Sheets have all been given away!
Look out for news on the next edition - coming in 2019!

Across the world, and for over 60 years, our famous Bethlehem carol sheets have raised money for and awareness of vulnerable children born in today's Holy Land.

Each carol sheet contains 21 carols in large print.

We're pleased to give you our Bethlehem Carol Sheets completely free of charge.

Many like to respond generously by supporting our work. Please consider taking a collection for Embrace at your Christmas service, while out carol singing or during an event in your community.

If you're unable to take a collection, we would still love you to use our carol sheets but please consider a donation of £10 per pack of 25 sheets. You can make your donation as you order your sheets either online or by phone, on 01227 811646, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.

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