Become a Futuremaker today!

Becoming a regular monthly donor is a special kind of giving.

When you make this commitment, you really do ensure that the difference you make will last a life-time.

Please, could you become a Futuremaker!

We know that you care deeply for those who are displaced, marginalised or forced to live as refugees in the Middle East.

By joining our growing community of Futuremakers, you are saying that you want to take practical steps to enable people to break free from the injustice and poverty they are suffering – not just now, but forever!

Here’s what being a Futuremaker means for you:

  • It’s an easy, convenient way to make a difference in people’s lives. It saves you time as you help, month after month.
  • You always know your kindness is already at work making a difference.
  • You join a group of like-minded passionate supporters.
  • We’ll continue to tell you about how you are helping change lives and communities.

The amount you decide to give each month is entirely up to you. Whatever amount you decide, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are reaching vulnerable people in the Middle East with the help they need. It’s easy and affordable ... and your impact is HUGE!


As a futuremaker, you will always be there to help vulenerable and marginalised people. 

  • Young children like Mahmoud who lives in Gaza and has no food or clean water and is malnourished and anaemic.
  • Refugees arriving in Egypt, like Abu who has tuberculosis and whose life was at risk because of medicine shortages and lack of healthcare.
  • Syrian refugees like Amina, injured in the conflict and in need of urgent medical care – you can provide surgery, medical supplies and pay for doctors in Aleppo.
  • Families who as Palestinian refugees in Lebanon can’t get work, only have a leaking tent to live in and need help to keep a warm roof over their children’s heads. You can give them windows, doors, fuel, food and more.