Words for Women

Your Words for Women Alternative Gift will help a woman to read, write and add up - skills that open the door to self-confidence and independence. And they can help their children with their homework.

Women in cairo often don't leave their homes, for fear of not being able ot read signs, and getting lost. We know women who tell us of their frustration of not being able to help their chidren with their homework.

But our Christian partners run literacy clsses and offer a second chance to women whose families didn't see the point in educating girls. And mums are helping their daughters read too!

How Alternative Gifts work

When you buy an Alternative Gift we send you a gift card to pass on. It has a description of the gift, a bookmark and a space for your personal message from you.

You are making a donation on their behalf to Embrace that will support Middle East Christians who put the love of Christ into practical action, relieving suffering and bringing hope.

Your gift goes to our An equal world fund.


Because your gift is a donation, if you are able, you can add Gift Aid. Just tick the box in the checkout and we'll do the rest.

For more information on how our Alternative Gifts work – click here.