Votes for Women

Your Votes for Women Alternative Gift will help a woman who has missed out on her education learn about her rights, assert her independence and cast her vote for the first time.

Many women from poor communities in Egypt have grown up without a political identity. They don't have the knoweldge or independence to understand that they can vote, and that their vote can make a difference.

Our Christian partners run awareness sessions, helping women understand the political system and the role they can play exercising their vote. At last count, over 90% of women attending the course went on to cast their vote for the first time. Courage calls to courage everywhere...

How Alternative Gifts work

When you buy an Alternative Gift we send you a gift card to pass on. It has a description of the gift, a bookmark and a space for your personal message from you.

You are making a donation on their behalf to Embrace that will support Middle East Christians who put the love of Christ into practical action, relieving suffering and bringing hope.

Because your gift is a donation, if you are able, you can add Gift Aid. Just tick the box in the checkout and we'll do the rest.