Away in a manger

Long journeys are still a part of life for mothers-to-be near Bethlehem. They might not have to go by donkey any more, but travelling to healthcare services via road blocks and checkpoints is an uncomfortable and anxious experience.

Our partners run a health centre offering antenatal and postnatal care in the heart of a West Bank community. The clinic's presence means local women living in poverty always have someone to turn to during their pregnancy – and can give their babies the healthiest possible start in life.

The centre offers screening to pick up on women's health issues, which can be neglected when families prioritise the health of men. Our partners aim to identify pregnant woman as soon as possible so that they can have regular midwife check-ups and any problems can be detected early.

As well as women from the West Bank villages, the clinic also serves the traditional Bedouin community, who are marginalised and can find it difficult to use health services.

The centre also runs Well-Baby clinics to provide vaccinations and development checks for the youngest members of the community. And not only that, but they also organise educational campaigns about antenatal complications, nutrition, breastfeeding and mental health awareness, empowering mothers-to-be with knowledge about what to expect and how to get support when they need it.

The Alternative Gift you have received can help our partners reach mothers and babies from the poorest West Bank communities.