The Embrace Christmas Appeal

As we head into an unfamiliar Christmas Season, both here and across the Middle East, the need is still great. COVID-19 presents us with new challenges and, for many, real suffering. Our Christian partners are responding to the needs of refugees and families living in dire situations as the winter draws in. 

This winter will bring new hardships to the 1.5 million Syrian refugees living across Lebanon and many of the 700,000 people whose homes were damaged in the devastating Port of Beirut explosion.

These people, and many more like them across the Middle East, rely on the compassionate and effective support from Embrace’s partners, to help them in their time of need. The reality of life for many refugee families, who were forced to leave their homes behind, is still makeshift accommodation and daily discomfort, even after 5 years or more.

Tents, tarpaulins, any materials available are used to keep the family warm and dry. In Lebanon, the UN estimates that over 300,000 Syrian refugees live like this, in makeshift camps clustered around the Bekka valley and the foothills of Mount Lebanon.

And Lebanese families too are struggling. Many of those whose homes were damaged or destroyed after the Port of Beirut explosion are still awaiting help. The needs are simply too great.

During the long winter months, stretching from November until March, humanitarian needs increase as average temperatures drop as low as -5 Celsius, exposing the most vulnerable of the population to cold and hardship. 

One refugee is young Naseem. His family has had to flee Syria, and now they have nothing. They rely on the kindness of strangers for material assistance, such as blankets and food from our partners.

Naseem and his family are in urgent need – without your help this will be a bleak Christmas for them and so many more like them.

The good news is that you can make a difference. As we approach this special time of Christmas we are asking for your support. A gift of £65 from you today could be lifesaving, paying for blankets and mattresses for a family of four.

Will you consider making this gift?

This year has been so hard on the people of Lebanon – the impact of the catastrophic Beirut explosion in the Summer is still being felt. The already broken support system for refugees who have fled from violence in their own countries has all but collapsed.

Naseem’s family and so many more, live day to day, you can help provide some respite and support. We want to bring hope to children such as Naseem, especially at Christmas.

When you send a gift today, you will ignite the spark of hope by helping bring immediate relief and a step towards sustainable help across the Middle East, for those who so desperately need it.

Christmas is coming but so are storms, snow, torrential rain and freezing temperatures - winter across Lebanon will be the hardest time for Naseem and his family, our community partners urgently need funds to help them reach out and help families at this time. We can’t make this happen without your help.

Every donation will make a huge difference.

If you'd like to donate this Christmas, you can do so here:

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