Lebanon Crisis Appeal

As I write to you today, Lebanon is front-page national news. Embrace’s printing press was about to roll with our summer Lebanon emergency appeal when we heard news of the horrifying explosion in Beirut Port and we scrambled to contact friends and partners across the city. Mercifully, our partners are all safe. The same cannot be said for many of the people they serve or their premises. One good friend of Embrace told me:

‘We celebrate life! Thank God we are OK. Our centre is completely damaged… but I believe God gave us a second chance to live.’

Over the next days and weeks, the resilient people of Lebanon will pick themselves up and dust themselves off in the face of one more unimaginable challenge. They desperately need your help, the stories we share with you today are more urgent than ever and we need you to stand with our tremendous local Christian partners and the people they serve in this great time of need.

Lockdown in the UK taught us first-hand the anxiety and worry of limited access to the goods and services we need to survive and the fear generated by a potentially fatal virus.
How much worse must this be in a tiny country like Lebanon, which has been struggling to cope with an economic crisis and the impact of an additional 1.5 million refugees?
I want to share an urgent update received from Lebanon where a young mother, came to our partners for help.

‘Now I can’t afford the batteries for my little boy’s hearing aids, and we can barely afford to eat.’

Dima’s family live in a crowded settlement near Beirut and her son Ali has profound hearing loss. Inflation and Covid-19 have brought the country of Lebanon to its knees. The hearing aid batteries that Ali so urgently needs are now too expensive for the family to buy. Basic essentials that we take for granted have risen in price by 70%, leaving families like Dima’s unable to afford meat, or fruit and vegetables.
Our partners, including Learning Centre for the Deaf, are doing all they can - keeping essential services running and providing extra support to families in the greatest need. However, they too are struggling - the real value of salaries has been slashed as prices rise for everyone. Learning Centre Director Hussein Ismail told us:
‘All of our staff are affected – and there is nothing we can do.’
Dima and her young family are caught in a perfect storm. Amazingly, considering her circumstances, Dima continues: 
‘Despite all these challenges, we are still thankful… Our son is still receiving therapy sessions and support at the Learning Centre for the Deaf. We know that we are still welcome even if we can’t afford it.’

That’s why we are asking – please help us keep this centre and ones like it operating.

The people of Lebanon are suffering; they need your help and are relying on compassionate people like you. Your gift of £25, or more if you can manage it, will enable clinics and centres like Learning Centre for the Deaf to keep going, providing mothers like Dima and children like Ali with healthcare, education and the specialist disability support and services they need, as well as emergency assistance to meet their basic needs.
You can help ease the suffering and be part of that miracle our partners are praying for.
Every penny does make a difference. 

By sending your gift, you will make a real difference. I appreciate you taking the time to consider this request, and for your kind and generous response.