Give today: Women's education

Sometimes the simplest things have the greatest power to change lives.

  • £18 pays for a woman to attend literacy classes
  • £40 can provide a sewing workshop for a group of women
  • £150 provides a micro loan to start a business
  • £360 pays for one woman to attend Life School for a year
  • £660 can fund a teacher for a year at Life School
  • £1260 provides vocational training supplies for a class of 12 for a year

Give now to give women a second chance at an education


Growing up in a village in Egypt, Hana is one of thousands of women across the Middle East who have either been denied an education or made to drop out of school early to help around the home. Many have also been forced to marry and start a family much too young.

Treated as second-class citizens by their families and society at large, women like Hana are vulnerable, afraid and unaware of their rights, especially when it comes to getting an education, voting in elections, choosing a partner for themselves and standing up to violence and abuse.

But, things are changing for vulnerable, marginalised women, like Fayza who attended one of the Life Schools run by our Christian partner, Think and Do.

With lessons five days a week, over one year, Life School teaches women to read, write, and use basic maths. Other classes include health awareness, nutrition, hygiene, vocational training that can lead to employment, as well as life skills such as parenting, women’s rights and communication skills.

Before coming to the Life School, Fayza was struggling to make a living by trading butter at the local market. Knowing Fayza had little or no education, unscrupulous traders short-changed her whenever she tried to sell butter to them. While she suspected they were cheating her, she felt powerless and ill-equipped to challenge their underhand dealings. For Fayza, the chance to study at her local Life School has transformed her life in more ways than she could have ever imagined. Simple, everyday things we take for granted like being able to add up or read bus numbers, road signs and even the directions on medicine boxes are opening up a whole new world for Fayza and her family.

You can imagine the shock on the faces of the traders when Fayza turned up with a pen and paper to do her calculations and made it clear she was no longer going to be cheated.

Now the traders are having to treat Fayza with the respect she deserves. She’s gaining more profit, not to mention her dignity and self-worth, from selling the same quantity of butter she’s always sold.

With a big smile on her face, Fayza said ‘I am thanking God about the Life School which has helped me learn many things in my life such as reading, writing, maths, hairdressing, cooking, home repairs, how to care for my family’s health and hygiene and how to talk and negotiate things with my family’.

With your support, we will be able to get alongside more and more vulnerable women like Hana and Fayza and help them unlock skills and talents they never knew they had.

Give now to give women a second chance at an education