Become a futuremaker today!

Join our community of futuremakers, Embrace's supporters who give a monthly gift and bring hope and a future to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Middle East:

Reasons to give regularly

  • You will bring long-term, lasting change to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Middle East
  • You will be strengthening and encouraging Middle Eastern Christians to continue their vital work in the region
  • You can challenge the root causes of poverty and injustice - making like better for future generations
  • Giving regularly helps us to plan future projects and achieve the biggest transformation possible

It costs around:

  • £10 for an individual speech therapy session
  • £12 to provide a refugee with a counselling session, helping to heal the trauma they have experienced from the war in Syria
  • £15 provides nutritious meals for children with disabilities


or call us today on 01494 897950 or email